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Welcome to Kindeace Dachshunds

For those who do not know us, we are Ken & Sandra Paskins, we live in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands with our standard long and wire haired dachshunds, and our recent additions our two mini longhaired dachshunds. we have owned dachshunds since the mid seventies and can't imagine life without them now. Dachshunds are a way of life totally different from any other breed we have had, ask anybody who has owned a dachshund and they will all tell you the same. Until 2003 we had only had standard longs, then in 2003 we acquired or first standard wire Soneve Prudance aka Nora Batty. Once old enough(Nora that is) Sandra started showing Nora and she was an instant success at local companion shows and quickly progressed to open and championship shows with lots of class and group wins to her name. It was at this time the Kindeace affix was registered with the Kennel Club and where our story really begins.

Life has never been the same ask anybody who breeds and shows dogs it takes over your lives completely. The numbers start to increase, puppies come along, your life savings are used on fuel and show entries, sacks of dog food and vet bills. The garden becomes a war zone, daxis love to dig and destroy flowers as they bloom, they basically become a very addictive and enjoyable way of life.


Nora winning Best of Breed at the Scottish Hound Association Championship Show in the mid 2000s.

Barty Boy
We then got our first boy wire, Aterhira Bags of Blue at Kindeace aka Barty Boy.
Daisy and Mady
Then followed a pair of standard longs from the Metadale Kennel Daisy and Mady.
And a lovely standard long boy Owlery Destroyer at Kindeace aka Archibald.
Finally our very special little girl African Dawn Night Russet, our little Sally.

Group of Dachshunds

This group was the first generation of Kindeace show dogs which were the foundation for our first generation of Kindeace bred dogs.

With showdogs time never stands still so you are constantly looking to improve your breed lines. The numbers start creepng up, then the puppies start to appear you buy more stock in and so the merry go round starts. Jumping on to present day we are now members of the Kennel Clubs Assured Breeder Scheme. We are onto our fourth and fifth generation wirehaired and longhaired puppies and we now have two mini longhaired puppies which we are starting to show with some success. If you follow us by watching the website you will learn how well we do at the shows we attend with our brood.

NoraAssured Breeder LogoNora

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